First of all...

First of all, let me say that I am an actor who prepares. I am someone who needs to know or wants to know as much about an upcoming situation as I possibly can. I want to know who's in the room, how I am getting there, what I will be doing and how long it's going to take. 

But there is something to be said for the actor who prepares to be surprised. An actor who prepares as much as they can and then throws themselves heart first into any and all situations. Whether it be work, travel, social events or being able to rest and recoup without that nagging voice of "shouldn't you be doing something?". Heart first, and the body will follow. 

So here I go. Heart first. I am prepared to moved forward. As the national tour of "Something Rotten" comes to an end, I am going heart first into whatever comes next. For me, what comes next is a 3-week European vacation. I have planned 7 days in England, 7 days in Ireland and then I meet up with a friend for 6 days in Holland. I will then return to the US and head down to FL to spend 7 days working on PLAN with my co-creater Kip, and then finally spend 10 days on my friend Jason's couch/pool/living room before retiring to NYC to find what's next.

So join me on these last 2 weeks of "Something Rotten." Join me to Europe. And join me on my journey of An Actor Prepares...and yes, the title is stolen from one of the best method acting books. 

All the Best - Patrick